Physiotherapy and Concussion Management

Experiencing daily muscle pain and tightness can be a drain on your energy and leave you feeling frustrated. A system of assessment and treatment for pain concussion injuries can help you with long term relief and give you confidence to get back to the activities and sports you enjoy. Hit book now to find a time that suits you best and we’ll get you started on your path to feeling comfortable again!

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is often essential after soft tissue or joint injury to restore pain free mobility and function. There is a huge amount of quality research outlining the benefits of exercises after injury, joint surgery, or a period of immobility. Correct Rehab can assist in improving recovery and allowing for the return to normal function and physical exercise.

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Dry Needling

Muscles can ofter remain in a state of tightness due to overload that might occur in repetitive activities for example elbow pain with increase use of a mouse or calf pain from increase running or impact activities. Pain that arises from muscle and other soft tissues can be relieved with the use of acupuncture needles (known as dry needling). Dry needling can be used in conjunction with other treatments to relieve soft tissue tightness and restore the normal muscle function.

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Injury Management

Injuries and pain pop up from time to time. Physiotherapy and remedial massage are very effective treatment tools to address a wide variety of injuries. Whether the injury arises from a change in running volume or extra time spent sitting at a work station. Soft tissue treatment, joint treatments and specific strengthening can get you back to optimal function and assist you reaching your physical goals.

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Pre & Post Natal Care

Inflow Physiotherapy welcomes pregnant and post natal women for assessment and treatment of common pregnancy and post natal complaints. We use soft tissue techniques, clinical exercise (pilates) with use of resistance and provisions of supports and braces as needed.

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The Inflow Physiotherapy Team

Inflow Physiotherapy is a warm friendly team of physiotherapists and massage therapists. With each team member knowledgable and
passionate in the provided service. We strive to assist in providing a professional personal treatment plan each session.

Our therapists are attentive and dedicated to improve your function and movement. Helping to reduce pain and dysfunction with a variety of techniques for every treatment.

We endeavour to treat each person and concern as an individual. Accomodating to the needs required to provide a thorough and dedicated service from the beginning.

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