Clinical Exercise

Inflow Physiotherapy conducts individual or 2 person clinical exercise sessions. Our Physiotherapist will instruct you through a 45 minute individualised session using equipment pilates techniques to meet your needs.

Clinical exercise (pilates) is specific strengthening and movement and is regularly used in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions such as back pain, shoulder/neck pain and nerve pain.
Sessions are individualised and use spring loaded equipment including a clinical pilates reformer, pilates wall unit and wundachair.

No previous experience is necessary, we will guide you from the beginning and no all sessions are supervised to ensure good outcomes. Prescription of clinical exercises highly tailored and specific individual needs and ability. Sessions run for either 30 min or 45 mins.

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Ideal For Treating:

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Recovery from surgery or chronic conditions

  • Strength and Flexibility

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Chronic pain

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Inflow Physiotherapy is a warm friendly team of physiotherapists and massage therapists. With each team member knowledgable and
passionate in the provided service. We strive to assist in providing a professional personal treatment plan each session.

Our therapists are attentive and dedicated to improve your function and movement. Helping to reduce pain and dysfunction with a variety of techniques for every treatment.

We endeavour to treat each person and concern as an individual. Accomodating to the needs required to provide a thorough and dedicated service from the beginning.

Consistent Care in a Holistic Way – We have the expertise necessary to give every “BODY” a positive outcome every time!